Mail Order Fulfillment

Mail Order Fulfillment – Feature Overview
Order Fulfillment
1.     Click the Fulfill tab
  • The Default view is Priority Queue of Order Fulfillment, this will display all events with tickets that need to be fulfilled
  • The “Filter By” drop down allows you filter for a specific delivery method
  • The “Sort By” drop down to select a different ordering

2.     For all events that you’d like to fulfill, checkmark them in the “Export Pending” column then click the Export button.
  • NOTE: Once orders are exported, customers are unable to change their Shipping Address via MyTickets.
3.    Confirm shipping addresses
§  Edit any addresses that need corrected before shipping by clicking the pen icon under Action.  The system will find and highlight common mistakes in red
§  Hold any orders that should not be fulfilled by clicking the pause icon under Action
§  Clicking Cancel (Remove All) will return all orders back to the fulfillment queue.  This returns them to the pending status and customers will again be able to edit their addresses via MyTickets.
§  Click the Confirm Addresses button to continue

4.     On this final page you have the options to Mark Sales as Shipped/Fulfilled, Print Thermal Tickets, and Export Mailing addresses and Invoices.
  • Global Actions
    • Mark all Sales as Shipped: This will mark all orders in this batch as fulfilled/shipped.  This fulfillment status will be updated on the individual order details, and in reports.
    • Print for Fulfillment: This will print all orders to a thermal printer (leader tickets then tickets).
    • Export Addresses as CSV: This will download a CSV file of all order addresses for mailing label printing.
    • Print Invoice PDFs: This will generate a PDF invoice to send to the buyer, including their tickets orders and shipping costs.
  • Actions on specific orders
    • Remove (X): This will remove the order from the fulfillment batch.
    • Mark As Shipped (check mark): This will mark the individual order as shipped.
    • Print for Fulfillment (printer): This will print the individual order to a thermal printer (leader ticket then tickets).
    • Sale Details (eye): This will open the individual order's Sale Details page in the Admin.

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