Why Can't I Use a Debit Card to Set up ACH Payment?

Why can't I use a debit card to set up ACH payment?

As part of the extensive qualification process, we require a credit card to establish confidence in a client's credit history.
Please note: A successful credit check does not guarantee a client's qualification for direct deposit payments from BrightStar. Likewise, a rejection for direct deposit does not inherently mean that the client's credit check encountered a problem. Even if you do not qualify for direct deposit, we will still always offer the option to receive payment for ticket sales by check after the event. The credit card provided does not have to be registered to the name of your company or organization, but this credit card must be registered in the name of an officer of the organization. If the credit card provided is from someone other than the primary signor of the agreement, this person will also need to sign the agreement and banking information page.

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