When Do I get Paid for My Ticket Sales?

When do I get paid for my ticket sales?

Payment for your ticket sales depends on your payment processing setup.
At BrightStar, we offer a few options for receiving payment:
  • Payment by check. This is the most common payment setup for our clients. You'll receive a check in the mail within 7-10 business days after your event takes place.

  • Advance direct deposit. After an extensive qualification process, we will agree to make weekly advance payments via direct deposit. Please contact your Account Manager (or email info@brightstarevents.net) if you'd like to learn more about how you can qualify.

  • Merchant account integration. If your organization already has an established merchant account, we will gladly connect your ticket sales directly to your account after a qualification process. We have integrated with all the major payment gateways to better serve our clients (PayPal, Authorize.net, CyberSource, Beanstream and more).

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