About Select My Seats

About Select My Seats (Seat Selection)

About Select My Seats

Select My Seats is a feature that generates an interactive map during the checkout process, which allows customers to select specific seats.

Activating Select My Seats

  • You can enable the feature on a new or existing reserved seating event. On Step 1: Details, set the Seating Type to Reserved Seating. Then for Enable Seat Selection, click Yes to activate the seat map. (Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page! Please note: You must select Reserved Seating in order to display Enable Seat Selection" option.)

‚ÄčEvent Page

  • When enabled, the feature slightly alters the appearance of the event page and the checkout process.

  • From the menu below, customers can choose to select specific seats with the Select My Seats button, which opens a new page with the venue's interactive seat map.

  • Alternatively, Find Best Available displays a new menu. The customer selects a section with the drop-down and allows the system to automatically reserve the best available seats.


Seat Sections

  • Sections are listed at the top of the map.

  • A red, yellow, or green bar indicates the remaining number of seats in the section.

  • For venues with many sections, the sections are listed with a simple dropdown menu that indicates the remaining percentage of seats available.

  • Customers can abandon the process and let the system select the best available seats by clicking Select the best available seats.

Seat Map

  • When Select My Seats is enabled, an interactive seat map is automatically generated to allow customers to select specific seats. 

  • Reservations are made in real time. This means that reservations are only cancelled if the checkout timer expires before the customer completes the checkout process, preventing multiple users from simultaneously reserving the same seat.

  • Customers can deselect seats by clicking the seat on the map and then confirming their deselection, or by clicking X in the Order Details section.

  • Price level information can be viewed below the map in the Order Details section.

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