Top Cities

Top Cities

About Top Cities
Located in the Reports section, Top Cities gives you a visualization of your sales by location, sorted by city, state or ZIP.

By default, Top Cities will display a map featuring the top ten cities with the strongest ticket sales across all of your events. Using the controls and your cursor, you can navigate around the map to explore other locations and zoom in or out to adjust the displayed region. As you explore the map, the size of the circles indicating sales volume will dynamically refresh and adjust with the map.


Adjusting the Top Cities Display
To show specific events rather than all of your listed events, click Select Events to open the event selection menu. Click an event to add it to the report, and click Make Selection to apply the selected events to the Top Cities report.
In addition to adjusting which events are displayed, sort the Top Cities display by state or ZIP code (in the U.S.). Click the dropdown near the lower right corner of the map to sort the locations featured on the map.
Click Show Date Range to open a calendar and filter events sold within a specific date range.

Use the menu controls at the bottom of the page to select how many cities to display (10, 25, 50, 100) and navigate through the ranking of all locations associated with your sales. Please note that only the locations shown in this table will be displayed on the map.

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