Summary Exports

Summary Exports


Summary Exports is the source for a variety of useful established reports.

By default, these reports will provide data on all of your events. Each report will allow you to choose specific events by clicking the Select Events button and selecting individual events. When applicable, you will also have the options to select a Date Range or choose between Live or Canceled Tickets. 

The following Report Types are available under Summary Exports:

  • Additional Fees and Manual Discounts. Breakdown of custom fees and manual discounts applied per transaction.

  • Admission by Event. This report will break down scan data by price level per event. Data includes event name, event ID, price level, name, price, total tickets sold and total tickets scanned.

  • Box Office User Sales by Card. This report details all of the user data for card users for each event selected or defined by a given date range.

  • Box Office User Sales by Price Level. Breakdown of price levels sold per box office user across selected events and within a specified date range.

  • Bundles by Capture Method. Summary of all price level sales (tickets & revenue) by capture method (with bundle annotation) on selected events and across a specified date range.

  • Coupon Usage. Shows the tickets sold and discounts applied per coupon type on selected events and across a specified date range.

  • Custom Question Answers. View a list of all responses to any questions asked during the checkout. This includes each answer as it relates to customer data, so the seller can view responses aligned with individual customers.

  • Customers by Registration Date. This report lists all customer contact information including and whether they opted in or out of receiving promotional emails. Report pulled from selected events and date range.

  • Event Audit. Shows the breakdown of tickets and revenue by price level and payment method and includes discounts, refunds, service fees, delivery fees, custom fees and donations. If the report is generated across multiple events, each event will download as its own page with a Grand Totals page at the end. (Please note: The Event Audit report is very commonly used to see a well-organized chart of the most important data, such as tickets sold and revenue numbers.)

  • Event Inventory. Summary of event inventory (available, held, sold) and collected revenue per event taking place within a specified date range. (Please Note: Held calculation is based on general admission venue capacity minus max inventory on each event.)

  • Event Totals by Venue. This report provides an overview of ticket sales by venue (for all events or specific events). Number of tickets sold, total sales, service fees, delivery fees and refunds are broken down by event at each venue, totaled by venue and totaled across all venues.

  • Orders by User & Payment Method. This report shows the breakdown of number of tickets sold, transactions and value by cash, credit card types, checks and other payment types.

  • Organizational Invoice. This report will give an overview of sales via order method: web, box office (if applicable) and totals (web & box office). Each order method page will be broken down by payment method as well (credit card type, cash or check).

  • Presale Usage by Event. This report will provide an event-by-event overview of presale coupon code usage on the selected events. Data includes event name, event ID, event date, sale IDs where presale coupon was used, presale coupon code used, customer email, customer name, number of tickets and total cost.
  • Product Sale Totals. Breakdown of product sales including number of sales, cost, revenue, fees and taxes on selected events and within a specified date range.

  • Refunds. View a comprehensive list of refunds processed within the date range. This report does not relate to the original amount of the transaction; the data only indicates the specific refunded amount.

  • Sales by Tickets in Packages. Summary of total package sales broken down by package, bundle, event and price level on selected events.

  • Ticket Sales by Capture Method. Summary of sales (tickets & revenue) by price level and capture method, including price level totals, on selected events and within a specified date range.
  • Tickets & Revenue by Price Level / Section per Event. View a balance by payment methods (e.g., Visa, AmEx, etc.) against gateways on an event-by-event basis.

  • Tickets by Channel. Event ticket totals and gross revenue by sales channel (Web, Box Office, Mobile, Facebook, and Embed) on selected events and within a specified date range.

  • Tracking Tags. Breakdown of ticket sales tagged with seller created tracking tags.

  • Transactions by Price Level & Section. See a general breakdown of transactions across price levels/sections (e.g., especially useful for event series because it collects data by price level across several events).

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