Create a Product Listing

Create a Product Listing

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About Products

Add product listings to sell merchandise or other items from your event pages.
BrightStar does not process or send your items. Products must be included with a ticket purchase, so a customer is unable to buy a listed product unless tickets are sold.
​Please note: The feature for selling products must be activated by a BrightStar rep. Contact your Account Manager for assistance.

Product Settings

The first time you try to create a new product listing, you will be prompted to enter your default product settings. Please fill out this page before you attempt to continue with the process.
  • Tax Rate. Enter the tax rate you wish to apply to each product sold. 

  • Shipping Flat Fee. Enter the flat fee you wish to apply to cover your shipping and handling costs on each item.

  • Shipping Description. Enter an explanation for the cost of shipping and any instructions for the recipient if needed. 

  • Service Fee Covered. Enter the amount (percentage) of service fee your organization wishes to cover on each product sold. Leave the field at the default 0 if you wish to have the customer cover the entire service fee in the cost of the product.


Create a Product
  • Name. Enter the name of the item. This will be visible to the public on the event page.

  • Description. Enter a description for the item. 

  • Model. Enter the model or item number for reference.

  • UPC. Enter the UPC for the item.

  • Weight. Enter the item's weight.

  • Active. Select whether the item is currently available for purchase.

  • Shippable. Select whether to collect a shipping address from the customer.

  • Image. Upload up to five images of the item.

  • Retail Price. Set the listed price for the item.

  • Taxable. Select whether to apply sales tax to the transaction.

  • Service Fee Covered. Determine what percentage of the service fee your organization would like to cover.  


  • Configurations. Select whether to offer multiple sizes or other options for the items available. If you select Multiple, you will need to complete the settings (size, reference number, etc.) for each item option you add.

  • Inventory. Enter the number of items you have available.

  • Per-Sale Limit. Enter the maximum amount of this item that a customer can purchase in a single order.

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