Create and Send Invitations

Create and Send Invitations

About Invitations

Invite a list of guests to take advantage of special offers or presales with an email from our system, which delivers a link containing a code that grants limited access to the event page.
To create a new invitation, visit the Event Overview of the event for which you'd like to send an invitation. Click the Send Invitation button (located below the event's title and date / time) to access that event's invitations menu, and then click Invite Guests to get started.

Sending and Managing Invitations

From this menu, you can upload a CSV file of your list of guests to invite. (You can also invite guests individually, too. On the Multiple Guests option, click No, and then enter the recipient's email address.)
Please note: The invitations function only accepts files in the CSV format with the first column designated for email addresses. Please remove all other columns from the file before upload, as well.
  • Email Template. Select the email template you wish to use to deliver the invitation. You can create a new template from this menu or edit an existing one.

  • Event Purchase Limit. Designate the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased using this invitation.

  • Expires. Determine a date and time when this invitation should become invalid.

  • Invite Now. Determine whether to send your invitation now. If you select No, your invitees will appear on this table with the Unsent status.
Click the mail icon for individual guests to send or resend single invitations. Alternatively, you can send all unsent invitations at once by clicking the Send All Unsent button.
As customers check these invitations and redeem their purchases, that information will be updated in the Status column. If you wish to cancel any outstanding invitations that have not yet been used, click Cancel All Unredeemed.

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