Manage Responses to Application Forms

Manage Responses to Application Forms

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Reviewing Submissions

‚ÄčAs your applicants complete their responses to an application form, you will see a notification displayed at the top of the page for that form. Click the link in the notification to access the submissions you haven't reviewed yet. (You can also move your cursor over the View Submissions drop-down menu and select to view pending, approved or declined submissions.) 

‚ÄčAll of your applicants are listed on this table, and you can access most pertinent information from this view.

Click the View Question drop-down menu to see a list of every question that appeared on your form. Select one of these questions to display every applicant's response in this column. Click the checkbox next to any applicant to open a set of options at the top of the table.

Approving Submissions
If you want to approve a group of applicants, continue clicking checkboxes to select your approved applicants, and then click the Approve button. Now, you will see a menu that varies slightly based on whether you activated the Giveaway option during the application form setup. With either option, you have the ability to apply a private note for internal reference.

If this is a standard application, you will be able to select the Purchase Limit which determines the maximum number of tickets this applicant can purchase. You will also determine whether to send an invitation containing a link to purchase tickets, as well as the date / time that the invitation will expire. (If you select No, you will have to send the invite later. See the steps below for help.)

If this is a giveaway, you will simply select a number of tickets from each price level to deliver to the applicant.

(The Custom Message to Customer field is used to fill the Custom Message token. If you did not use this token in your email, skip this field.)

Declining Submissions

Deny invitations for a group of applicants by clicking each applicant's checkbox and selecting Decline. This will automatically deliver your Declined email to all selected applicants and remove them from the Pending status.

Requesting More Information

Select a group of applicants and click Inquire to send your request (i.e. the Inquiry email) for additional information to all selected applicants. Replies are forwarded to the Reply-To address on the Inquiry email template. The applicants will remain in the Pending status until you approve or deny them.

Sending Invitations

If you choose not to automatically send invites as part of the Approval step, the page for your application form will display a notification about your unsent invitations.

Click Send All Unsent to deliver your invitations to all approved applicants who have not already received an invite. Alternatively, you can click the mail icon in the right column to send individual invitations.

(Please note: From this menu, you are also capable of inviting guests who have not applied. For more information on that, please see the article on how to create and send an invitation.)

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