Create an Application Form

Create an Application Form
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About Application Forms

Application forms are questionnaires for attendees to request tickets to an event. Create these forms to limit access to an event or to collect information about individual attendees before you release tickets to them.

Completed application forms will be stored for later review, allowing you to approve or deny each submission. An approved applicant will automatically receive an invitation to purchase or register for tickets. Application forms are only functional while an event is not actively on sale.

Please note: You must have the appropriate permission enabled on your account to create and edit application forms. Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature.

Create a New Form

Before you create your first form, you need to create an event. Once you have your event ready, visit the Manage section and click Add Form.

Enter a unique name for the form (which is visible to people who access the form) and select an event to get started. Each application form can only be applied to one event. After you have selected an event, you'll need to adjust your options and set up the messages for your replies.

  • Giveaway. Select this option to automatically generate and deliver a complimentary ticket sale for all applicants who you have approved. ​

  • Start / End Date. Select a date and time to determine when the application form will be active. The application form will be inaccessible after the End Date, so submissions will no longer be accepted.
  • Allow Ticket Requests. Select this option to allow the applicant to request a specific number of tickets.

  • Application URL. Enter a vanity URL to link directly to your application form.          
  • Confirmation Text. Enter a message to display for applicants who have successfully completed a submission. We recommend avoiding language that gives the applicant the impression that their ticket is guaranteed — you should communicate that sort of information after you have approved the applicant's submission. (This message can be lightly customized with HTML or by using the options in the rich text editor.) 

Create Email Templates for Applicants

As part of the application form setup, you will need to assign reply emails to be delivered to your applicants. There are four distinct situations (outlined below) where you will send a reply to an applicant. Click New to begin a new template and use the rich text editor in the pop-up to build your email. 
  • Submitted. This email will be delivered whenever an applicant successfully completes a submission.​

  • Approved. This email will be delivered when you have approved an applicant's submission. This is important! Please leave the invitation line intact. If you send an email without this line, your applicants will not be able to access their invitations.

  • ​Declined. This email will be delivered when you deny an applicant's submission.

  • Inquiry. This email will be delivered to applicants when you want to request more information from them. 

Create Questions for Your Form

Now that you have finished setting up the basics for your form, it's time to actually create the questions that will appear on the form.

By default, every application form asks every applicant for a full name and email address. This is a necessary step in order to create account credentials in our database for every applicant. Click Add Question to create a new question to add to the form.

You will need to write the question itself and determine whether the question will be Required (i.e. customers must enter an answer or the form will not be submitted). You can also create a Multiple Choice question by clicking the relevant option. Then, you will need to create all of the possible responses for that question.

On this page, you can click and drag each of the questions to rearrange the order in which they will appear on the form.

Click Finish to save your application form.

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