Processing Orders for Reserved Seating

This is a guide to processing reserved seating orders in Box Office. The steps are almost identical to processing basic orders, but there are a few crucial differences explained below.

Reserved Seating Venues

Reserved seating venues are designated with the [Seated] tag in your list of upcoming events. Once you've selected the venue, you'll be taken to the ticket selection screen.

By default, all reserved seating venues have an option to select Best Available seats for the entire venue, the Best Available seats in a particular section, or specific seats in a section.

To sell the venue's Best Available seats...
By default, the Best Available section for the venue is the first section displayed for the event. Click a quantity of tickets in this section to reserve that number of Best Available adjacent seats across all sections in the venue.
‚ÄčTo sell a section's Best Available seats...
Each section in the venue is displayed on reserved seating events in the same way that price levels are arranged on standard GA events. Click a quantity of tickets to reserve that number of adjacent seats for that section in the venue.
‚ÄčTo sell specific seats...
Click the Seating Chart button for the section you'd like to view. Crowd will display a clickable chart featuring all seats (including those available, held and sold) in that section.

From this view, you will see all of the seats in the section. White seats have not been reserved, and dark blue seats have already been reserved or sold. The top of each button indicates the seat row, while the number indicates the seat's number.
To reserve seats for purchase: Click white seats to reserve them, which changes their color to a light blue and designates that they're ready for you to sell them to a customer. 
You can also mouse over seats with the information (i) icon to learn more about them, or you can click dark blue (sold or reserved) seats to see more information about the sale. 
Click Select Seats when you have finished.
Venue View: Click the Venue View button in the top left for a glance at the entire venue map. This map includes information about which seats are reserved/sold and which seats are still available across all sections in the venue. Sections are color-coded, and you'll find a legend at the bottom of the venue view which explains the different seat icons.

When browsing the Venue View, click individual sections on the map or click the sections listed on the right to jump to them immediately.
Discount Price Levels: For any seats with optional discounts — e.g., a 10% off discount for seniors — once you have selected seats, you will be prompted to apply these discounts to any of the tickets you selected. If no discounts apply, click Continue.
Now that you have selected seats, you can continue processing the rest of the order.

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