Send Email Announcements (Email Outbox)

About the Email Outbox

The email outbox is the location to create emails to deliver to your customers from the system. You can use the outbox to send promotional emails to past customers, or you can instantly reach out with urgent information to the customers of an upcoming event. (We do not currently allow clients to use this function to communicate with uploaded external lists.)


Creating a New Email
  • Purpose. Select the urgency of the email. Critical emails are delivered to all customers, regardless of whether they have opted out or unsubscribed from your communications. Marketing / Promotional emails are delivered to all customers who are still subscribed to your list. (Please note: Critical emails should be limited to urgent communications only. Abusing this feature to promote events can annoy customers and even lead to having your future emails filed in spam folders.)
  • Recipients. Click the button to open the event selection screen. You can deliver emails to the customers of the events you select. As you save your selection, the number above this section will update to display the number of events. (By default, you will send to all price levels for the event. If you only want to deliver the email to certain price levels, click the radio button for Send to specific price levels or bundles. Then, click to select the price level(s) and click Select to proceed.)
  • Reply-To. All replies to this email will be forwarded to this address.
  • Subject. The subject line of your email.
  • Message. Use the rich text editor to compose your email. You can personalize the message with automatically populating fields. Use the Customer Name, Event Name, Event Date or Venue Address buttons to add tokens that will automatically pull that information from your account.
(Please note: After creating any new message, we recommend clicking Save Draft. Regardless, you must save your draft before you can send the email. Once your draft is saved, the page will refresh.)

Scheduling, Previewing and Sending Emails

Now that your draft is saved, you can choose to send your email, deliver a preview of your email to yourself, or schedule delivery for a later date / time.
  • Send to Recipients. Send your email to all selected recipients.
  • Email Preview. Send a preview of the email to a specified email address. When you click this button, a window will prompt you to enter the email to which the preview will be delivered.
  • Schedule Delivery. Schedule automatic delivery for a specified time in the future. When you click this button, a window will open with two options. Relative to Event Start allows you to deliver the email at a specified number of hours before or after the time the event begins. Specific Time, however, allows you to specify an exact date / time to deliver the email. Click Schedule and Save when you have finished. (You can edit this selection later by accessing the Schedule Delivery options that have now been added to the menu for this email.)

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